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When tired of work, there is always time for active relaxation:

bulletAutos - I love cars, especially the big old American highway cruisers. We are trying to preserve some of those old beauties, they were huge, safe, comfortable and had a character. Nothing like today's look-alike "amebas" - front wheel drive plastic toy cars. Our "oldies fleet" so far includes 1960 Cadillac, 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1968 Cadillac, 1972 "Radiomobile" Buick LeSabre. I enjoy restoring, working on and driving those old beauties. They don't make them like that anymore!
bulletTravel - We like to travel, time and resources permitting. Now that children are out of colleges, it is like winning a lottery. We enjoyed our vacation trips to Maine, California, Southwest, Alaska, Florida, Ukraine, Aruba, Bermuda and bunch of Ham Radio Expeditions. Always ready to help communicate when emergencies disasters strike and other means of communications fail.
bulletHam Radio - My life long hobby, sport and public service has given me many hours of satisfaction, knowledge for my professional career, meeting many wonderful people and chance to compete on the world scale and achieve numerous world and country records. I enjoy exploring, developing, building and operating radio equipment, especially in the competitions.
bulletVideo and Photography - My number #2 passion is shooting with video or photo cameras on trips, immortalizing events or just plain family moments.
bulletMusic and entertainment - Love music, especially oldies and country, Eastern European, Latin and S. African. Occasionally do some DJing and trying to bring back the funny bone from my youth. 
bulletSports - I used to be involved in competitive sports, athletics, cycling, soccer, team handball, cross country running, now just trying to be active physically and keeping the pounds away from the waist. I enjoy watching top sports events and we always tried to keep children busy with sports to foster health and competitive spirit.

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