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Radio pics


My Photo Gallery

I have shoe boxes filled with photos and videos taken since I was 13. Waiting for those "retirement" days to scan and post some of the most memorable ones.

Visiting those big antenna trees in California

1964 Ford Thunderbird that our younger son Orest had in Tucson, AZ.

Orest posing with kittens that he was "babysitting" in Tucson, AZ

When I grow up.....

Christina, Orest and Zenon at christening

Our first grandson Zenko


Our older son Adrian making the cover of Caring magazine.
Has Master's in Bioengineering and working on projects in telemedicine.

Adrian, KG4TBS at Kitty Hawk, NC where the flying began...

...and in Navy "whites"

Big "bad" SUV - Escalade which saved my wife's life.
If she was driving little Japanese car - who knows?

Breaking up Soviet Union, working with dissidents, members of Helsinki Group - Petro Ruban (l) and Yuri Shukhevych (who was blinded by communists).

Computerizing new independent Ukrainian government. With Dr. Zenovy Tkaczuk at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in Kiev. Donating publishing system in Ukrainian language that my Computeradio company developed.

Meeting with the Ukrainian top brass (L to R). Dr. Tkaczuk, head of President's staff, Ukrainian Ambassador to UN G. Zlenko, First President of Ukraine L. Kravchuk and me, proudly wearing Rush Limbaugh tie.


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